New fall wardrobe piece

First of all can I get a Heck Yea for the cooler weather!  Up until recently it has been abnormally warm in the mid-east region.  I am by no means a cold weathered maven but 80 degrees in late September and October was throwing me for a loop.  I would walk out of the house in jeans and sweater and turn right around to put on my off the shoulder top.  So now that fall is here let’s cheers with a warm non-fat chai, (from my favorite coffee bar in Kennett Square, Philter) while wearing our sweaters and boots.

As much as I hate to admit it because I LOVE the sun, I really do love fall.  Everything from the trees changing colors, to wearing sweaters and boots for the cooler weather, to pumpkins and neutral home decor (which for the record, I do NOT like Pumpkin Spice Latte)…I just really do love everything about the season.

This fall I am obsessed with bell sleeved sweaters and skinny jeans.  Add a cute bootie and a necklace and your outfit is complete for whatever the occasion may be.  This past Saturday we went to a fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer and I wore this adorable Bell Sleeved Sweater from Nordstrom and my favorite skinny jeans with my Blaze Booties from Freebird Stores


What I really love about this sweater is that it is pretty versatile.  Dress it up to go for a night out with friends or pair it with jeans as I did here and it looks just as fabulous.  The material is super soft and the length was great, however I added one of my favorite tank tops from Target.  I kid you not that I have about 20 of these tanks and multiples of almost every color in case they are in the laundry and I need to wear one.   I really love to have whatever I am wearing come down to my hips…call it a momplex..but this tank is amazing and gives the extra length that I love my tops to have.

Links to the items are in the post, Here are the pics from the websites.

I will admit that I am the type of person that once I find something I love I buy it in multiple colors so that I can wear it whenever I want with every outfit, as you have seen above with the target tank top.  This was definitely the case with the Blaze Freebird Boots in the pic above.  I have them in both the black and the cognac colors.  I really wear them all the time as they go with everything.  The heal is great, they elongate the leg just enough and the straps and buckles are a cool accessory to the bootie.

This week my family and I are traveling to TX to take a little trip to the Silos and see Austin.  Our kids have a 4 day weekend and we thought it would be the perfect time to get away and reconnect after an event filled Summer and early Fall.  Be sure to check out my instagram for posts about our trip and other things with have going on!

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Melanie Keller

My Stylish Shorehouse Master Bedroom

Hello Everyone!!

What a beautiful week it has been here in Chester County, PA.  Still wondering when fall is going to show up, but definitely soaking in this extended summer we are having.  It has been at least 15 degrees above normal and while I love it, I will tell you it has been mighty tricky when it comes to picking out an outfit everyday.  I feel like I never know what to wear.  I am definitely not complaining though, jeans and light shirt and cute sandals are always my favorite outfits.  Here is a sneak peak of my outfit today, I really love this LulaRoe Shirley, I will add more on that in a different post…but this in not a typical outfit for where we live.  We are normally in sweaters, high boots and jeans by now!

ME in Shirley

Todays blog post is about my new favorite item to decorate with…the fabulous self-adhering wallpaper from Walls Need Love.  I have now successfully used it in 2 rooms and I can not say enough about this product.

I often get asked where I get my inspiration and I’ll be honest and tell you that I just research obsessively for days or even weeks and then I see one thing that speaks to me and it is like BOOM there it is…and then I just build off it.  That is exactly what happened when I put together the design for my Shorehouse Master Bedroom.  I bought magazines, I used the app Houzz, created Pinterest Boards, and stalked Instagram… the process almost became obsessive because everywhere I was in the back of my head I was looking for inspiration.

For my shore house bedroom I wanted a fun, bold and beachy/tropical design.  The main inspiration for this room was the wallpaper.  I was on an airplane with my husband traveling from somewhere and I was reading a home decor magazine that featured an article about this new self-adhering wall paper.  First off, it immediately caught my attention because I LOVE wallpaper.  LOVE IT!  I love how it adds pattern and a splash of color and cool focal design immediately to your room.  As I kept reading I was even more intrigued because this wallpaper doesn’t need to be glued to the wall.  For someone who changes their mind about every 6 months on the paint color for my bedroom this was the answer to my prayers!  So as soon as we landed and I was able to access the internet I started doing my research.

As I scoured the Walls Need Love website the bold Red and Blue Hibiscus wall paper essentially jumped off the page and said order me now.  It was exactly what I was looking for and the color scheme could not have been more perfect!  I love all things blue but this coupled with the red hibiscus flowers could not have been more perfect.  So I placed my order and hoped for the best.

Shorehouse bedroom


Since I have never installed wallpaper before I was a little nervous to commit to 10 sheets of wallpaper and not know if I would even be able to hang one.  Can I just tell you how easy it is to install.  The hardest part is lining up the sheets but after you get your first 1 or 2 lined up it moves pretty quick from there.  I did the whole wall behind my bed, 8 sheets, in a little over an hour.  That definitely was not bad for the immediate impact it made in the room.

I can’t say enough about this product, in fact I highly recommend it.  If you are interested in check out their amazing patterns click this link…Walls Need Love- Here.  They have a ton new art work.  If you need help trying to find one for your room just reach out to me!

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Happy Fall!