Cool Christmas Gift through Amazon

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has recovered from their Christmas craziness hangovers and have now moved on to your New Years festivities. While I absolutely love this time of year, I certainly do love the calm that January seems to bring after the hectic holidays.

I wanted to jump on and share probably one of the coolest gifts my kids have received in a couple years. I’m sure most people can relate to the whole buying extra presents to fill in the gaps idea when it comes to being Santa for your kids. I swear every year I say we aren’t going crazy this year and ALWAYS, at the last minute, end up buying a bunch of gifts to fill in the gaps and even out the quantity of gifts each of them receives. We always do this, and when I say we it is actually me. My husband is perfectly fine with them not having the same exact amount of gifts to open as long as the money spent is about equal. A quality Vs. quantity mindset and it makes more sense than mine.

I will be honest with you and tell you that in this situation Amazon is my best friend! Sorry Jenn, I do love you, but Amazon is always there in that mad dash pinch of the moment when only Prime can solve your issues situation! In my desperate attempt this year to “fill in the gaps” I stumbled upon this great hands on activity set for kids that are interested in architecture or design. It is call Young Architect by Scientific Explorer.

Being that for the past 12 years Kevin and I have actively been involved in some type of renovation, flip house or design work our kids have really developed a true interest in both design, decor and architecture. I took one look at this and just knew It was the perfect gift for my daughter Reese. She loves doing anything hands on and really has taken an interest in design and decor. So, on a whim and a need to buy more gifts, I ordered the set.

At $75 it is definitely not an inexpensive gift to buy but the fact that we opened it for the first time today and my daughter’s and their friend have been non-stop designing and redesigning floor plan layouts for their dream houses for 3 hours speaks volumes. I am all for any activity that will get them away from their IPhones and using their brains. In a world where electronics rule their lives I try to find activities that do the opposite.

The basis of this set is to literally set up a room by room version of a house or building. It can be what ever they want. The set comes with clear plastic tracers that allow them to draw room shapes in different sizes and piece them together to form the traditional flow of a house. There are hallways, closets, bathrooms, and multiple shaped rooms. After they have completed the room layout they then furnish the rooms with the proper fixtures and furniture. My girls cut the shapes out of the paper that was provided but I think you are supposed to draw the furniture directly onto the plan. After the furniture and fixtures are laid out you build the walls. This part is really cool. With these cubes that are placed in the corners of each room you place clear plastic room dividers onto the cubes to define each space. Once all the cubes are connected and the dividers are in place you have what looks like a 3-D layout of a house. You can also take the stickers provided and place windows and doors in each room but my girls skipped that part because they immediately wanted to dismantle the first house and recreate a new one.

I was so excited to see their true love and interest in this gift set that I felt it warranted a share to anyone who would also have kids that would enjoy this for hours.

The affiliate links are below for this. If you click the link you can order directly through Amazon! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a child who will also love this set like my girls do!

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