Farmhouse Update

Hello Friends!!!! So so sorry it has been about 2 months since my last farmhouse update. Life has been so busy lately and therefore I have not been able to take the time to create this blog post that so many people have been asking me for. I wanted to get this completed today because it is a really big day for us here at Springdale Farm. We have officially passed the torch from the stone mason to the builder. We have completed all the pretty stone and brick work and are now moving on to actually rebuilding the house to make it whole again.

Since my last update on the farmhouse project we have made a TON of progress. I actually had to go back through my past posts to see where I left off in terms of progress on the house because I forgot what I have have discussed so far. If you drive by the farm…from the road it looks like not much progress has been made at all. But when you are up close and personal like I am..there has been a huge amount of progress and the house is coming along beautifully. This part of the project has actually taken longer than expected because Kevin and I added a ton of detail work to be completed to the interior.

In my last post I talked about the exterior repointing and showed some pictures to really give you an idea of how dramatic the transformation was from just the little work on the exterior. Here are the photos again to remind you where we started.

Original Front of house
Original back of house!

In October we started the exterior repointing and that process alone with removing all the vines, digging out all the mortar joints and refilling them, fixing and replacing stones that were loose and falling off, rebuilding both chimneys from below the roof line and anything else to stabilize the exterior took well over a month. Here is a picture of the house just after the repointing and stabilization.

Front of house before the joints repointed
Back of house repointed

In addition to the repointing we have removed the roof and front wall to the original older portion of the house in order to repoint and realign the roof of that side of the house. We removed walls on the front of the house because we are restoring the older portion to be more in line with the way it would have been built originally. It will be rebuilt with a 2 ft set back from the main house front exterior. At some point the previous owners built a make-shift apartment with an additional bathroom in the older side of the house and added a hallway to build a staircase which brought the front of the old house to be even with main house. If you look at the first picture you will see that it is where the white horizontal siding is.

We have completed the foundation for the kitchen addition and also have the stone work and pointing completed on that. The crumbling front wall in the original portion was also rebuilt and repointed as it will be visible when the siding goes on.

Roof and Front off the original portion
basement and foundation of the addition
Rear exterior of addition and stone starting to be added
Foundation for the addition, finished stone work and the rebuilt front wall for the old portion of the house

On the interior there has been so much work completed. Although from the pictures it is hard to imagine because there is still so much to do. So far we removed all the paster from the 4 fireplaces and had them repointed. We have also had lines run to them to have them converted from Wood Burning to Gas (Propane). The result was more than I could have ever expected and we are so happy with the way they turned out. Here are some pictures of the before and afters.

Before the stucco removal
Twin Fireplaces in the living room now
Dining Room Fireplace before
Fireplace in the dining room now
Master Bedroom Fireplace before we removed the stucco
Fireplace in the master bedroom now

In the area that will be my walk in closet we had to break through the exterior wall of the main house to create a walk way that will lead to Kevin’s walk-in closet and the dressing room that leads to the master bathroom. Because I wanted to add some cool design details I had our stone mason create an archway. I LOVE IT!

Stone Archway to Dressing Room/Master Bath

The attic has been completely cleaned out and the stone and brick chimneys at both ends have been completely refinished and repointed. There was plaster on both walls that was crumbling and the decision had to be made to either redo the plaster or remove it and repoint the stone. After seeing how beautiful the stone was the answer was easy and we went with having both walls completely redone. There was a room up there and that space has been completely demolished to reveal the full expanse of the attic to be rebuilt into 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

This is the Northside wall of the attic, this room to the left if removed and everything has been cleaned out
Plaster removed, stone and brick repointed

Southside wall of the attic where the chimneys for the twin fireplaces meet and exit the roof
plaster removed and stone and brick repointed

There is some framing and other work going on right now also but I will save those details for the next post. We are really enjoying the renovation and watching the house come back to life layer by layer. Although living in a tiny home on the property hasn’t been too fun we are all surviving. I am very thankful summer and spring are on the horizon and we will hopefully get some relief from the crazy cold we have been having.

I hope you enjoy this update!



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