Christmas 2018..doing it a little different this year

Merry Christmas everyone! We are literally 1 day out from the big guy arriving and I am happy to say I have finally finished shopping. Now Kevin and I just have to spend the entire night wrapping every single present because they are all boxed up in the back of our Suburban in the driveway.

This year we are doing Christmas a little different than normal because we are living in our 400 Sq ft tiny home on our farm until the house renovation in complete. Because our tiny house is so small, and all of our Christmas decorations are in storage I didn’t really do too much decorating back home. Aside from buying a tree with a bulb and planting it in the ground and decorating that.. there wasn’t much flair around the house. You can’t imagine how painful it was to sit back and watch everyone decorate for the holidays and post their pics on social media while all I could do was admire and reminisce about my decor from Christmas pasts.

Progress picture of the house…Kind of crazy huh?
Foyer Tree 2017
Case de Keller until the farmhouse is complete
Farm Tree 2018

On Friday we packed up the Suburban and Mercedes and headed for the Jersey shore to have Christmas at our shore house. We are so lucky to have this house as an escape when the kids are off from school. Before we sold our big house in Landenberg and moved into the tiny home on the property our kids did not have an appreciation for this little gem of a house in Wildwood Crest NJ. Now they are full of praise and appreciation for the time we get to spend here spreading out, having their own rooms to sleep in, being able to close the door and have a minute to themselves and being able to use the bathroom at the same time because we have 2.. it truly is the little things in life.. lol.

One tradition I wanted to keep for the kids was to make sure we had a tree to put their gifts under. When we arrived on Friday we unpacked the cars, arranged the cats and dogs and headed out to buy our Christmas tree. Knowing that we were late to the game we didn’t have high expectations for what we would find in terms of quality trees. Our first stop was our local Lowe’s in Rio Grande, NJ. Our original plan was to get a fake tree (because it is just more practical and saves us money, according to Reese our youngest child). Well, if you have ever started your Christmas decorating 4 days before Christmas you certainly know that there is not much left to purchase in terms of decorations and there certainly wasn’t a fake tree of any shape or size to be purchased. We were lucky that they had about 10 real trees under 6 ft left to pick through. After a great debate between a few trees that looked like they would catch fire as soon as we put lights on them we decided on the last healthy Frasier Fir in the store.

Now on the flip side, if you are one of the few who start decorating for Christmas after everyone else you know what a great deal you can get on all the Christmas decorations that are leftover at Lowe’s. All of the Christmas decorations were 50% off, which was a blessing in disguise because I certainly don’t need any more christmas decorations. I think I have enough decorations, including about 4 trees, in storage to decorate 3 houses completely. Our little Lowes Christmas tree, originally $34.99 was less that $17! We bought all of the decorations, including the the tree for around $150! You guys, my tree is super cute too!

Our Lowes Christmas Tree

Now that we have our tree up and are getting settled at our shore house it finally feels like Christmas. We have really just relaxed and taken the chance to spend time together here at the house. We have spent hours playing board games, baking cookies and watching movies. I hope you and your family are spending some quality time together and getting to enjoy the magic of the holiday.

Thanks so much for reading my blog and following our journey through life in the tiny house and our farmhouse renovation. Stay tuned for many more updates, including what we are doing with our fireplaces, rebuilding stone walls and the “approved” kitchen design and layout.

XOXO- Melanie